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Apie programą

The Cultural Heritage and Tourism program continues the educational tradition established at EHU in Minsk as part of the joint French-Belarusian project Tourism and Heritage, which allowed the creation of an innovative educational program for professionals in the field. The new location of the University in Vilnius provides possibilities for developing international cooperation and implementing projects in tourism that explore the uniqueness of the cultural heritage of Belarus, analyzing it in the regional and European context. Our graduates are able to understand and examine the phenomenon of cultural heritage on the interdisciplinary plane in the broad context of social sciences and humanities; are capable of analyzing the tourism potential of cultural heritage objects and territories; and can interpret and promote such heritage as a tool for increasing tourism.

Specialization in Tourism

The specialization in tourism of the Cultural Heritage and Tourism undergraduate program educates students about exploiting cultural heritage and the ‘technology’ of the tourism industry. It aims to educate professionals in recreation and tourism, providing up-to-date knowledge and skills in organizational, managerial, project, and research activities in the sphere of tourism.

Karjeros perspektyvos

Tourism manager; developer of tourist routes and programs; specialist in the sphere of tourism; analyst; receptionist; specialist in advertising and dissemination of information utilizing state-of-the-art information technology; project coordinator for tourism development in historical and cultural regions.


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