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Kultūros paveldo vystymas

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Apie programą

The Historic and Cultural Heritage graduate program aims to prepare qualified specialists in heritage studies with broad interdisciplinary competence in the fields of history, tourism, ethnology, and cultural anthropology. Graduates of the program are well-oriented in social processes, are familiar with the specifics of the cultural heritage of their region, are able to competently analyze the specific theoretical and practical issues, and to independently conduct research. Graduates work as researchers, teachers, tourism managers, analysts, experts, and consultants for the protection of cultural heritage and the promotion of harmonious ethnic relations.

Karjeros perspektyvos

Public and international organizations for protection of cultural heritage; tourism businesses; managers, analysts, experts for protection of cultural heritage, promotion of harmonious ethnic relations and historic processes in the mass media; researchers; teachers and researchers in higher education.

Paraiškos, mokėjimai ir stipendijos

Tuition fees for Academic Year 2016/17

Citizens and residents of Belarus All other citizens
Blended mode Ranking GPA 9,61 or higher – €0/year EUR 2500/ year
Ranking GPA between 9,21 and 9,60 – €750/year
Ranking GPA 9,20 and below – €1500/year

* Ranking GPA for Master’s prospective students is calculated on the basis of: 1) Research project; 2) English language exam; 3) Bachelor’s diploma subjects average

Please click here for general information about application process, requirements, financial assistance (in Russian). To find out program-specific requirements, please see here (in Russian).


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